Cemitas El Tigre

The cemita, often called the Mexican Dagwood, originates from Puebla, Mexico, where street vendors layer mounds of fresh ingredients between a crusty sesame seeded bun. At Cemitas El Tigre, the sandwich is taken a few steps farther with your choice of meat along with all of the fixings: avocado, Oaxaca Cheese, pickled onions, papalo (a cilantro-like herb with notes of citrus and arugula), chipotle puree, mayonnaise, black bean puree, lettuce and tomatoes. With a grand total of 10 layers between the buns, the cemita is sure to challenge even the biggest big mouth.

Cemitas El Tigre serves its signature 10-layer cemita sandwich along with tacos, burritos, craft beers, wine and milkshakes.






45-14 48th Avenue
Sunnyside, New York



M-Th 11:30am–10pm
Friday 11:30am–11pm   Saturday 10:30am–11pm Sunday 10:30am–10pm